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Your name sounds Polish. Do you have some Polish (or Slavic in general) roots?

My family comes from Bedkowice, Krakow, Poland. I am 100% Polish, with my lineage running through the Bentkowski, Kowalski, and Wrobelski bloodlines.

I was born with the Royal blood disease Hemophilia, which hinted at royal beginnings for my family. My father¹s brother, my Uncle Bob, did a family tree genealogy when I was quite young. He found out that we descended from a high-ranking Polish military family.

In 1986, a cousin of mine married a local businessman who is interlocked with the Bush Crime Family, and the Rothschild-Rockefeller Crime Family. And yes, they ARE the same family! So, for the next several years, I had various encounters with Illuminati members, and the whole experience was extremely eye opening.

In 1988, I was told that George Bush Jr. would be President, but only after a two-term Democrat preceded him. This of course, was William "Rockefeller" Clinton. Bill Clinton is the illegitimate grandson of John D. Rockefeller, as the Elite often do, to provide so-called Middle Class backgrounds to their offspring. They also do this to provide a disconnect with their family bloodline, to make it appear that anyone CAN become President.

This was twelve years before the fact!

Later on, I was given inside information about forthcoming Presidents Hillary Clinton and George P. Bush, who I was told would be groomed to become the first Hispanic President. George P. Bush is Jeb's son, and keep an eye on this man. He will be sought out to rehabilitate the popularity of the Bush family, in the eyes and minds of the American public. Bush Jr. at the moment, has the all-time worst-ever poll numbers of any President in the past one-hundred years, and this includes Richard Nixon at the height of the Watergate scandal!

Considering that he is an actual WAR CRIMINAL who has committed atrocities and war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is little wonder he is so unpopular!

Do you remember the first time that you knew/felt, that there's something sinister going on behind the curtain, that certain people may control world events? What started your interest in conspiracies?

I am a lifelong seeker of truths, spiritual and otherwise.

What started things for me, was the ritual murder of President Kennedy the day before my second birthday. Because of my high-intelligence and my possessing a photographic memory, this event forms the basis of the earliest memories I have of my entire life. As I got older, this event haunted me. When I was twelve years old, I read Jim Bishop's early work on the JFK assassination, The Day Kennedy Was Shot. I knew by reading this book that there were too many details where there should have been fewer, and too few details where there should have been many more.

My intuition was telling me that this book was propaganda, and thus, JFK became the subject of my first-ever research. Coincidently, JFK is also the subject of the most recent research report I published on June 22, 2007. It is entitled Dealey Plaza: Esoteric Freemasonic Symbolism in the Death of JFK, which is available on my website THE KENTROVERSY PAPERS.

Are you a member of some secret society or occult order? What's the source of your knowledge on so many topics?

I am not now, and never have been a member of any secret society, such as the Freemasons or another similar group. I am deeply interested in the Hermetic Arts of Astrology, Qabala, Tarot, Numerology, Divination, and White Magick. I am a self-initiated member of a group of mystical teachers, which is known as The Order of the Silver Star. I became intellectually and spiritually interested in these things, when religion left me high and dry and lacking real answers.

I have been able to use these practices to help keep myself healthy from HIV and Hepatitis infections, which I received because of my use of tainted blood-clotting products. I was also able to use these practices to keep my son healthy, and who is HIV negative, in spite of having a father who is himself HIV+.

My source of knowing so much about so many topics is my photographic memory. I also possess a full size research library in my home, which consists of more than 2,000 books; 50,000 PDF files, and more than 250,000 pages of research material, some 8,000 of them are my own handwritten notes.

You said that your family has close affiliations with the Illuminati. Can you elaborate on that?

In 1986, a female cousin of mine married a member of the Illuminati, who is interlocked with the Bush Crime Family and the Rothschild-Rockefeller Crime Family (yes, they are the same family!!). They got married at a local clubhouse called The Saturn Club, which is the Buffalo chapter of Ordo Saturnus. I was there for their wedding and reception, and it is just dripping with Illuminati and Astrological symbolism. It creeped me out to be there in that building, and officially, the club denies they are a chapter of Ordo Saturnus, and claims that they got that name because they hold their membership meetings on Saturday nights.

They would then be called The Saturday Night Club, no?!

I invite everyone to check out my June 28, 2007 interview on RED ICE RADIO about this matter, which is available in the RED ICE RADIO subscriber section. Please check out the following link for all my RED ICE RADIO interview segments: Red Ice Radio Regulars - Kent Daniel Bentkowski (aka Kentroversy). In the above interview, I go into great detail about my experiences with the ELITE, and how much they are obsessed with their AGENDA, and how much planning goes into making it happen in the real world, and how far in advance that planning commences.

At the time, I owned a printing company named Graphitech, and had decided that I was going to do business with my own family members. After all, I had been an honest businessman, who had a high-quality product at a fair cost, fast delivery, and my company was growing very fast because I have the ability to bring in these large first-time orders. In an industry where the average first-time order is something small like office letterheads or business cards worth $500 to $2,500 -- I was bringing in $30,000 first-time orders and sometimes even more than this.

Around this same time, a certain individual shows up at my office, and suggests to me that it might benefit my career path if I became a Freemason. I said that I need to think about it, and would get back to him in a couple days. I had already been well into Freemasonic research by this time, and was not too keen on the idea of becoming a fellow traveler. The Freemasons claim they do not recruit, and have this saying To Become A Brother, Ask A Brother which is their cover-story way of mythologizing their own order.

But, this is complete bullshit, because I was personally recruited.

I was told that my business would be a bigger success than I could ever imagine. I was told that I would never have to worry about money, because I would be set for life. I was told that if I ever got into trouble anywhere, I could call upon a brother, who would be obligated to help me, even if I was wrong or guilty. Everything sounded like things I might want to hear, but none of the pitfalls were ever discussed. I was never told what I might face if I disobeyed orders I had been given.

In the end, I said NO to an offer I wasn¹t supposed to refuse. I fit the profile of the prospective member, and I was supposed to snap up the offer. I am certain that they wanted something from me, which was likely to be either my writing and communicating skills or business management skills.

After I declined the offer to become a Freemason, I began to get calls from formerly satisfied clients, who suddenly could not do any more business with me. One after the other, as if someone placed a call to someone ordering this to take place, I lost nearly all my major accounts. I am certain that this was connected to my refusal of joining Freemasonry, although I cannot prove it. The timing just seemed very suspicious to me, that's all.

Some of the inside information that I gleaned from these people was in 1988, I was told that George Bush Jr. would be President in the near future. In 2000-2001, I was told the same thing about Hillary Clinton. And in 2006, I was given the word that George P. Bush (Jr's nephew) was being groomed to become the first-ever Hispanic President of what will be by then, the North American Union.

As I often say to people: Now that you know the agenda, watch it happen before your very eyes!

You stated that Hillary Clinton will be the next American President, why are you so sure?

There are a number of things that point to this happening.

First, she has been the stated choice of the elite to play this role. She has been brought before the Bilderberg Group for her marching orders, and she has gotten the funding from the highest level Illuminati members, such as Rupert Murdoch. I have been watching Hillary for the past six or seven years now, and back in 2001, I first began talking about her becoming the first woman President.

On September 26, 2002, I posted this on an Internet message board: Hillary Clinton; Future First Woman President of the USA.

When certain events transpire, it is helpful to look at them in terms of how they can help us to deal with things in our future. If one looks closely, they will draw many parallels between Bill Clinton's past campaigns, and Hillary's current campaign. They are pretty much reheating this dish of rather bland leftovers.

Is there really some kind of ring of few families / bloodlines in the US, that are ruling the country in some way?

Yes, in the USA, about 100,000 people control the lives of 300 million. For convenience, I refer to this group as the Illuminati. However, there is NO GROUP at this point in time that uses this terminology internally. There are many sub-orders and subordinate groups that go by many other names. These people believe in the concept of the divine right of rule, which means that they should rule, just because they have most of the money, and are better equipped mentally to rule over us stupid sheeple.

They call us USELESS EATERS when they are in private. Dr. John Coleman informed us of this in his own writing and research.

And they think that we are an enormous drain on what they see as THEIR global resources, and they seek to lower the population by 90%-95% through the doctrine of POPULATION CONTROL. Most of the major families of the elite are involved in some way with POPULATION CONTROL. The HIV virus was one of those biological weapons that was designed to attack a specific target population‹ based on specific genetic markers it seeks to attack.

What do you think about Alex Jones? He's some kind of a superstar of conspiracy world. I don't think that you are impressed at all with his work.

To be perfectly blunt, I don¹t spend a great deal of time worrying about Alex Jones. I am deeply concerned that he is NOT who he claims to be, and his behavior appears to be harmful to our cause. His websites are a capitalistic horror show of SHOPPING MALL atmospherics, and he seems more interested in getting his listeners to Buy my video! than he does with creating activism within his listener base.

A couple of years ago, I got some very personal inside information about Alex, which caused me great concern at that time. I promised to keep this data confidential, but just let me say that it contradicted everything that Alex said he stood for. But, it better explained his behavior. Alex is making millions upon millions of dollars doing what he is doing.

My personal opinion of him at this time is that he behaves like a gatekeeper, and has been possibly working with those he claims are his enemies. Controlled Opposition, is the official term for it. He recently had a Rothschild on his show, to talk about the global warming hoax. While it made for some interesting theatre, I have to wonder what is REALLY going on here?!

Some of Alex's work is very impressive, but it is ruined by his INFO WARS, INC. business plan. Many people ask me about this, and there is nothing wrong with selling a book or a video. However, when that becomes FIFTY BOOKS and FIFTY VIDEOS, then I have a problem with THAT. Based on the comments I have been hearing online, many people are growing weary of Alex Jones and his hyper-capitalism, myself included.

You said that JFK murder was the work of Freemasons and the murder itself was some kind of ritual. Can you elaborate on that? And what about murder of RFK? Was that connected to the death of his brother too? There seems to be some kid of curse cast on Kennedy clan.

This is the subject of my most recent research paper, ŒDealey Plaza: Esoteric Freemasonic Symbolism in the Death of JFK, which I published on June 22, 2007. The death of JFK was enacted as the ritual killing of a king, and also was symbolic of the death of Hiram Abiff, the central mythological character in the Freemasonry mythos. JFK was shot in the same three places as Abiff was hit. Also, there were many Freemasons involved in the assassination plan, and this included George Bush Sr., whom I show standing right outside the Texas School Book Depository building at the time of the assassination, as if he were overseeing his own handiwork. It is my personal belief that Bush Jr. was paid off by his becoming CIA Director, and later, President for his work in BOTH the Bay of Pigs and the Dallas operations. The RFK murder was also done by the elite, and it was done to send a message to the family.

The third assassination, of JFK, Jr. -- took place because he went to Hillary Clinton, to ask her opinion of him running for New York Senator and President. The Bush-Clinton interlocked Crime Family oversaw his death, when an on-board bomb went off, killing all possibility of hope returning to Camelot. There are nearly 100 people who have died as a result of stepping on plans the Clintons had, or were involved with. JFK Jr. was just ONE of many. But, these people like to send messages of WHAT COULD HAPPEN if you fuck with us!

What, according to you, really happened on 9/11?

Of course, 9/11 has been in my crosshairs since the very day of the event. I have extensive research material on this event, and I am absolutely certain of what I am about to say.

9/11 was a false-flag terror event that was engineered by the Bush Crime Family and the Neo-Nazi-Con cabal. On the morning before 9/11, George Bush Sr. was having breakfast with the brother of Osama Bin Laden, which was Carlyle Group business, supposedly.

The WTC site was 1,000+ degrees under the towers for weeks after the fact, and the basement substructure was molten. This could have only been achieved with a mini-nuclear bomb, as well as the Thermite that Professor Steven Jones discovered from a sample that had been slipped to him by an anonymous source.

This was our very own Reichstag Fire, which allowed Bush Jr. to put into place legislation similar to the Emergency Powers that Hitler himself instituted after this historic event. Also, Prescott Bush, who worked as one of Hitler¹s American financiers, was arrested and imprisoned for violating the TRADING WITH THE ENEMY ACT. Prescott Bush was also fined for breaking this law, as well.

So, whenever we hear or read of comparisons between Bush Jr. and Hitler, this is a proper analogy. The recent comments by Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison to this effect were spot on.

What do you think about David Icke and his work? Many people dismiss him because of his lizard theory.

David Icke is one of those people who seem to be out there to, at first, appear to help the cause by becoming known as world-class researchers. Then, they shoot themselves in the foot, and appear to put forth or become involved with credibility-killing theories or situations. David did both of these things.

First, his lizard theory material harms the validity of the 97% of truly worthwhile information he provides. Any time I hear anything negative about this man, it is always about this lizard theory of his. His so-called star witness to this Arizona Wilder has been debunked and was found to be lacking in credibility.

The second thing he involved himself with was this Brandon Corey Story video, which was a Plan 9 From Outer Space level of ineptitude. After I saw it online, I wrote my own report about the whole affair. The paper is called Brandon Corey: A Lesson In Research, and is available in the Kentroversy Special Reports section of my website The Kentroversy Papers.

This really harmed David's credibility, and for some reason unknown to me, he handed them the excuse to ignore everything he now says, on a golden platter.

Are there some people that you admire and draw inspiration from?

The people from whom I draw the most inspiration are those who thumb their noses at authority. I am NOT talking about anarchism, and I am NOT an advocate of anarchy or lawlessness. I also greatly respect those who are committed to TRUTH in some major way.

As a writer, I respect the late Robert Anton Wilson, Jack Kerouac, Tim Leary, Terrance McKenna, and Bill Hicks.

As one who is interested in mysticism, I have been inspired by the work of Israel Regardie, Aleister Crowley, John Dee, Charles Stansfeld Jones, Grant Morrison, Lon Milo DuQuette, and Peter J. Carroll.

I am also greatly inspired by the work of Michael Tsarion; world teacher, author, lecturer, and documentary filmmaker.

Finally, I am inspired by the work of others in the esoteric-research field ‹ people like Jake Kotze, Freeman Fly, Adam Gorightly, Tim Binnall, Vyzygoth, Goro Adachi, and Henrik and Fredrik Palmgren of RED ICE CREATIONS website and radio show. Another name to keep an eye upon, is Greg K. from the OCCULT OF PERSONALITY websites and podcast.

Do you have any knowledge or predictions about future of Europe? What will happen with the European Union? Are there some secret societies operating here as well?

The network of interlocking secret societies is global in reach. Yes, the Rothschild Crime Family is the leading ruling body in all of Europe. As far as any predictions I might make about Europe, I cannot say what will happen, as it has yet to reveal itself to me.
Some people in Europe believe that highest members of French, Belgian and Dutch government are involved in some kind secret paedophile-ring. I'm talking of course about famous case of child murderer Marc Dutroux, he claimed that he was very well connected within the government. Do you know this case? Do you think there may be some truth in this?

Pedophilia is a major method of blackmailing and controlling various politicians, and this is done to assure that one will follow the AGENDA. Here in AmeriKa, we have had the Jon Benet Ramsey case, the Cathy and Kelly O'Brien case, and the case known as The Franklin Cover-Up, among many others.

Yes, I do think there is credibility ascribed to Marc Dutroux, and it is very possible that he has the connections he claims to have.

Both Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr. were said to be pedophiles, as Reagan was known to watch child-porn videos every night, that were known as Uncle Ronnie's Bedtime Stories. Bush Sr. is also said to be a pedophile, and is often photographed with children sitting on his lap.

Poland is one of the closest European ally of the USA in global war on terror. Do you think that in my country there is some secret society (Illuminati perhaps) that has close ties to our government? Or are we too insignificant?

As I stated earlier, the network of secret societies is WORLD WIDE.

What is the true goal of war in Iraq? And what lurks behind global war on terror lie?

The U.S. went to war with Iraq, because Saddam Hussein had dropped the dollar as his currency of trade for Iraqi oil sales. The wars that the USA will become involved in, all share this in common. I wrote an article entitled THE REAL REASONS FOR BUSH WAR-MONGERING which talks about this very issue.

The War on Terror (or The War on Terra, as Bush Jr. says) is really about creating a manufactured enemy, because Communism had been defeated when the Berlin Wall was taken down in a manipulated and staged manner in the late 1980's. Then, we immediately see terrorism as the next BOOGEYMAN. The Powers-That-Be always need an enemy (real or imagined) to fight against, as war is very profitable to companies like Halliburton, Bechtel, KBR, Bin Laden Construction, and a few others. Coincidentally, any military subcontractor that is NOT connected with these globalist companies always have trouble with their own safety, while the globalist contractors never see any of these problems.

Who is Osama bin Laden? Will he ever be captured?

Osama Bin Laden is the figurehead BOOGEYMAN of the WAR ON TERROR. As Tim Osman, Osama was able to work with the CIA during the time when Russia invaded Afghanistan in the 1980's. He was the head of the Mujahadeen freedom-fighters, and was an ally of the USA. OBL will NEVER be captured, because he died of kidney failure around the time of the 9/11 operation. This was the reason for the double, as well.

A couple of things that you should also know about Osama Bin Laden and his family, is that they are personal and professional acquaintances of the Bush Crime Family. Bin Laden Construction, a company that built 100% of all U.S. Military Bases in the Middle East, was a major contractor on the World Trade Center project. In addition, the Bushes and the Bin Laden's have been known
to vacation together.

I thought for awhile that perhaps Osama might be brought in DEAD, but the Bush regime has grown so unpopular, that I doubt Bush Jr. has the balls to try something like this, especially after the public-relations fiasco of 9/11 itself. According to several recent polls, as many as 84% of Americans are now questioning the government¹s own OFFICIAL-FICTION of 9/11.

Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick - how do you know about it's amazing occult symbology? I heard about it first when I read Da Vinci Code. Do you really think Kubrick was killed because of this movie? What about his other movies? Are they significant too?

EYES WIDE SHUT was a film that I had shown on a family movie night a few years back. After the film was shown, I asked those in the room if they understood anything about what they had just seen. So, to answer the many questions I fielded that night, I wrote the report on the film that is entitled EYES WIDE SHUT: OCCULT SYMBOLISM. To address the various aspects of the film, I dipped into my research archives, which contain more than one million pages of books, documents, archived news reports, and my own personal handwritten notes.

Stanley Kubrick was killed for revealing too much, just as Mozart was killed for his spilling the secrets of Freemasonry in his opera THE MAGIC FLUTE, which is rife with Freemasonic symbolism related to the order and its' closely-held secrets. The dead giveaway was that the number of days between his death and the first day of the year in which his most famous film occurs 2001: A Space Odyssey was exactly 666 days. Since the original meaning of 666 relates to a tripling of the Sun's energy, this is a code that tells us THEY WHO WORSHIP THE SUN killed this man.

There are three important symbolic films of Stanley Kubrick. The first is 2001: A Space Odyssey. This film is a Freemasonic allegory involving the dawning of man, and his move from animal to human consciousness. It is also a bit of a cautionary tale about the dangers of too much technology, which is symbolized by the HAL-9000 computer system aboard the ship traveling towards Jupiter.

The second is A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. This film shows the process and end result of both desensitization to violence and mind-control techniques.

The third is EYES WIDE SHUT and those interested parties should read my report EYES WIDE SHUT: OCCULT SYMBOLISM for the specific details of the symbolism in the film.

Do you work only on the Internet or maybe are you planning to write a book?
For some reason, a lot of people are asking me this very question these days. My primary output can be found on my two websites, my podcast, and my newsletter which is called the KENTRSPIRACY KRONICLES NEWSLETTER.

I am looking into the possibility of a book, which I would like to do. Perhaps I may put out a compilation of the best essays and research reports from my website THE KENTROVERSY PAPERS.

Actually, before I brought THE KENTROVERSY PAPERS online, I was working on a manuscript entitled DESTRUCTION OF THE AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASS. But, all of that material is already on THE KENTROVERSY PAPERS website, so any new book would have to be something entirely new and different.

I am exploring this, and what format such a project might take. I would ask that anyone interested in this to keep an eye on my website as any announcement to this effect would appear there exclusively, as well as being mentioned on my weekly podcast, as well.

How many hours on a daily basis your do you spend on research? Do you work or maybe you are in a position to put all your effort to exploration of conspiracy lore?

I spend anywhere from 40-70 hours per week on various aspects of my work. For instance, recently, I have been working on the podcast multi-track recording software most of all, and that is only because I had to learn all of this from scratch. Now that I have eight podcasts under my belt, I no longer spend as much time on this process.

I do not work every single day, as I am the father of a small child, and when I spend time with him, ALL of my attention is on HIM and nothing else. Myself and my son¹s mother are no longer together, and this also complicates things between me and my son.

For instance, during times when I am writing a report, which can often be 20-35 pages in length; I will spend the entire day writing. At other times, I am updating my websites, and I do all of my own web design. Then, there are the many times each month when I am appearing on a radio, television, or podcast show as a guest, as well as recording interviews for my own podcast THE KENTROVERSY TAPES.

I also have been dealing with multiple problems with my health, and on days when I am feeling under the weather, I take the day off to relax and feel better.

Finally, my philosophy is to work my ass off on days I can do so. Then, when I am feeling out of sorts, I can take the day off. In the end, it all balances out.

Have you ever been threatened by anyone? Have you ever had trouble because of the things that you write about?

I have never been overtly threatened by anyone, and this is perhaps of my not being afraid of being harmed. I have my higher-power guiding me, and this has protected me from anyone who might wish to do me harm. However, I have lost a great deal many friendships and family relationships because of my truth-telling.

But, you know what? The friendships I have made BECAUSE of my truth-telling are a much better class of people, who have much more in common with me, and my path. So, rather than mourning lost relationships, I honor the relationships I have now with people from the truth movement.

What do you think about so called satanic panic from the 80's and the whole theory about Satanic Sexual Abuse?

The research that I have done on this matter leans in the direction of this being true. There is a great deal of anecdotal evidence of these crimes, but I have not been able to speak to anyone who has had this happen to them or a member of their family.

When we talk about SATANIC this or that, we have to keep in mind that THE CHURCH OF SATAN is a much different thing than the Luciferian doctrine of the Global Elite.

60% of girls and 40% of boys are sexually molested at some point in their childhood, and there is a lot of this in our lives. Chances are we ALL know at least one person who was sexually abused as a child. Personally, I know or have known a total of six women who have been molested one of which has sixteen personalities. I continue to look for someone, anyone who can tell their personal story of Satanic Ritual Abuse, as I would love to have them on my podcast!

There is new movie by David Fincher about serial killer Zodiac. He was never caught and he sent some occult ciphers to the newspapers. Some people say that there was whole cult of Zodiac and that he/they was/were somehow connected with Charles Manson and Son of Sam. Do you know anything about it?

Both Charles Manson and David Berkowitz were connected with mind-control and ritualistic murder. Sharon Tate, for instance, was found to be hanging in the posture of the tarot card THE HANGED MAN. The phrase SON OF SAM was likely the mind-control trigger for Berkowitz.

The ZODIAC serial killings were probably done by someone well connected, because he disappeared just like Jack The Ripper, whom we now know was a Freemason, and was protected by the Order. This is also likely for Zodiac as well. Someone just doesn't fall off the face of the Earth, unless they have some major help in doing so.

Just think of ALL the things you would need help with if YOU wanted to pull such a disappearing trick ...

You mentioned research-journalism, a term I have never heard before. Could you explain exactly what you mean by the term research-journalism?

A reporter is nothing more than a person who writes down and records the words and deeds of others that are considered to be newsworthy by some abstract editor or publisher. They report what happened today, and this kind of reporting becomes obsolete very quickly. A research-journalist is my own description of the function I fulfill. I focus on research that will still be important months or years from now, and that research informs my own journalistic behavior and output.

I work with NO outside editor or publisher, as I fill those roles myself.

My focus is on research, because that is what I am above and beyond everything else. I am extremely serious about the research I do, and I try to concentrate upon subjects that others do not want to confront or report. I have been told by many who have read my writings, who have said that I am a world-class researcher, which I greatly appreciate, by the way. It helps me to stay motivated...

You wrote about hidden meanings in the media, lately in Poland there was huge controversy when the member of our government claimed that kids show Teletubbies was promoting a homosexual agenda. Do you think that there really are subliminal messages in children's shows?

An upcoming research piece that I am planning, will explore this in some detail. The films that I have looked into thus far are those by DISNEY. DISNEY must be looked at, simply because they are the number one purveyor of children's videos and programming for children. Yes, there are many subliminal aspects to these films, and this sickens me when I see it.

TELETUBBIES should NOT be watched by small children UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES and the reason for this is because of the amount of subliminal conditioning and manipulation that is going on within the structure of the show itself. And this is when our children are so very young, and at their most vulnerable.

I watched a couple episodes of this show, and I could NOT ascertain any value or benefit to the entire process. Now, in college, my minor was in psychology, and I continue these studies to this very day, so I feel that I am fully capable of making these judgments about this program. They call them television PROGRAMS for a reason, you know! And this is because they are programming their viewers on a very deep level! One of my KENTROVERSY PAPERS discussed that within two minutes of beginning to watch something on TV, the viewer goes into a TRANCE, where they become HIGHLY SUGGESTABLE.

And, you can bet your ass that the POWERS THAT BE already know this!

Sometimes conspiracy writers are accused of anti-Semitism (like David Icke) when they are writing about the world elite and bankers, like the Rothschilds, who happen to be of Jewish origin. What is your opinion about this?

First of all, the Global Elite DO NOT follow the global prison religions that we are expected to follow. And by this, I am talking about the
Christian, Jewish, and Muslim religions -- which are all basically the SAME, once they are examined on a deep level.

The Rothschild-Rockefeller family is NOT Jewish or Christian. By their own admission, they follow the Luciferian doctrine as set forth in the Mystery School system. And yes, I AM saying that the Rothschild's and the Rockefeller's are the SAME FAMILY! They changed their names slightly, and claim to be of Jewish and Christian persuasion, and most people FALL FOR IT, hook, line, AND sinker!

However, by their own behavior, this family is incredibly SATANIC, as they could care less for people like you and I.

Anti-Semitism is a tool that is an outgrowth of the dialectical process, which has been popularized in our research community as PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION. It is used to STOP ALL DEBATE dead in its' tracks, by people who are hiding some pretty big UNTRUTHS. It is used as a tool to shut someone down, and I will tell you that TRUTH does not require an organization like the ADL to police it, and this is because it is self-evident.

It is troubling to me that we allegedly have FREE-SPEECH in this country, and yet, we have people running around trying very hard to stifle debate on certain subjects. There is NO SUCH THING as a little FREE SPEECH, or partial FREE SPEECH. We either have it, or we don't.

Mere mention of certain subjects will get you and I into lots of trouble, and we would be immediately subject to such suggestions as being Anti-Semitic. What happened to me several years ago, was I was having a conversation with someone who I thought was a friend. I mentioned that I did not like or enjoy the music of Jewish musician Bruce Springstein. This person, who is a University educated medical doctor, began accusing me of being Anti-Semitic because he felt that the REAL REASON why I didn't like his music, was because I am a hater at heart.

The fact is, in my opinion, his music is boring and doesn't do anything for me to listen to it. But, this is the ridiculous extreme to which this whole thing has been exaggerated...

As far as David Icke is concerned, the fact that the truth-haters went after him because world bankers are Jewish is just plain ill-informed and uneducated. I have all of his books, and in any of these thousands of pages, there is NOT a single instance of Anti-Semitism.

From time to time there are some revelations about occult symbolism in rock music, you wrote about it as well. But those were the old days: Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones. What about modern music? There are some musicians interested in occult, like members of the band Tool, but are they the exception? What about hip-hop - some people say that there are some voodoo and other African cults involved in some of the rap artists' work. Any comments on this?

Of modern musicians, we have many examples of those who have followed the path of the occult. Mike Patton of Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, and Peeping Tom -- is an occultist. So is John Frusciante, the guitarist for my favorite band, The Red Hot Chili Peppers. TOOL are all Thelemic magicians. Dave Navarro, of Jane's Addiction, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The Panic Channel is also a Thelemic magician.

Of the more classic rock bands, all of the people named below, followed occultism to one degree or another...

Jimmy Page, of Led Zeppelin and The Firm has the largest collection of Aleister Crowley memorabilia on the planet. John Lennon was responsible for putting Crowley on the cover of the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album. David Bowie wrote about magickal themes in his music.

Hip-Hop is not a form of music that I follow or am very familiar with, so I cannot comment on your question about the possible occult themes in that form of music.

What is your opinion about the UFO's: man-made secret aircrafts? Hallucinations? Alien spaceships? Manifestations of occult forces?


Do you think that Dan Brown's success is a coincidence, or maybe there's something more to it?

Nothing coincidental about it. When someone has this level of seemingly overnight success, it is because what they are offering is helpful to the Globalist agenda. His follow-up to his last book, which was horrible by the way, is going to focus on King Solomon, Hiram Abiff, and the Egyptian Mystery School. At least that is the books' status at the moment.

Is there anything else you'd like to mention or add to what we have addressed here today?

What I would like to do is close on the following thoughts ...

We are at a very unique point in the history of our world, as far as spiritual ascension is concerned. The entire significance of 2012 relates to the Precession of the Equinoxes, and our planet traveling toward the galactic center of our own Universe. We have just hit an area of increased photonic energy, and this is also known to our enemies. This is WHY they have redoubled their efforts of place us under FEAR, TERROR, and continue to attempt to disconnect us from our true spiritual heritage.

We are being fed a hoax known as GLOBAL WARMING, when in fact, our entire solar system has been heating up. This is a natural cycle, and this is represented by increased solar activity. Think about HOW people are being manipulated in this matter, especially with the 777 Live Earth Concert, which was entirely a Rothschild operation, by the way.

I believe that I survived death multiple times so I could BE HERE NOW, to coin a phrase from the book of the same name by Baba Ram Dass.

Having my experiences, knowing what I know, and especially the successes I have had along the way -- have shown me that there IS something more to this life. The prospects of this are incredibly exciting to me, and for me to play the role of teacher at this point is a natural part of my own destiny and the extension of my own FREE WILL.

So, what can we HOLD ON TO in this most uncertain of times? We can all realize that there are no accidents, and we are ALL here for a reason right now. My reason is going to be much different from yours, but together, we are bringing LIGHT into the same dark tunnel -- the LIGHT OFTRUTH.

People ask me almost every day now why I am not being harassed by the people about whom I write. The reason is simple -- I do NOT fear them and I do not acknowledge their power over me -- which they do not have, anyway! I am protected by my own higher-power, and this is a field of quantum energy that some refer to as GOD. Call it GOD, Angelic Energy, or the quantum substructure of the Universe -- they are all one in the same. And, they are ALL made of LOVE ...

Life is infinite, and because I know this, I do not fear death. I have already had the textbook post-death experience, and I was SENT BACK to do what I am doing today.

So, I implore all those reading these words -- please DO NOT become afraid of some old man in a mansion somewhere. Those people are cowards, as they hide away in their ivory towers, and never come out to face WE THE PEOPLE.

About two and a half years ago, I came to the realization that I had become an ACCESSORY AFTER THE FACT -- to real crimes that were and still are -- being carried out in the name of the American people. By my going public with what I had come to understand was the hidden truth as I discovered it to be, I was in a position to remove this heavy burden and fight back in the way most commensurate with my own skills and abilities. This was when I decided to do THE KENTROVERSY PAPERS website.

From that point forward, it has been one Kentroversy after another ... !!!


Interview conducted via e-mail on July 15th, 2007. (C) All rights reserved. For Polish translation of this interview click here. For Polish readers: if you want to contact Kentroversy, e-mail him only in English.


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